Charity on Mission

At Charity Christian Center we want to be on mission here and around the globe.  Scroll below to see the missions we support and help partner with us to provide for those in need.


Help us provide food to those in need

Venezuela has a severe shortage of food currently in their country.  8 out of 10 Venezuelans are struggling with hunger.  With your donation we can provide staple food for those suffering from malnutrition.  Our church is working with a church in Duaca and Maparary, Venezuela to help those in need.  

Basket of Hope

Basket of Hope is currently ministering in the sub-Sahara Desert region of Tana River/LAmu Counties, Kenya, East Africa.  The isolated, unreached people groups in this area live by primitive methods without clean water and without enough food.  The children and youth have little hope of receiving an education.  With your support we can help provide clean water, food to the people, and an education to the children of the region. For more information go to

Havis Gabbard

Havis Gabbard is starting a new mission in Nepal.  He will be training and teaching God's Word to the local church.  You can help support Havis Gabbard by donating for teacher's salaries and help to reach those who do not know God.